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Youth of Macedonia #5

“As a political science student and a member of the Club of Political Scientists, we articulate and represent the interests of all young people in the country in order to bulild strong country with prosperous youth. The club is still in its infancy, but hey, small steps make big changes.

I do believe that sharing is caring, and that you only learn by doing. It is my imperative, therefore, to provide personal and professional support to all young people who know how to dream big and are not afraid. Everyone CAN and SHOULD aim at making this world a better place. There is no harm in trying!”

About Youth Council

The Youth Council brings together youth from different disciplines, interests, ethnicities and religious backgrounds. Established by the U.S. Embassy in Skopje, it seeks to generate creative ideas and projects to empower the youth of Macedonia, and to strengthen the voice of youth by advising the Embassy on important youth issues.

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